Who We Are

DemandTEX was established in 2015 in London with the intention to help retailers implement analytic solutions globally.

Our team consists of “Supply Chain Technology Experts” who have served over 40 clients across, North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

We work with various technology partners to deliver optimum results for our clients. We are also exclusive sales and marketing partner for RELEX Solutions in Turkey.

Demandtex philosophy

Our philosophy is based on quality, transparency & strategic thinking. When you work with Demandtex, you should expect:

- Top tier professionals who are experts in their field and good people to work with.

- Company is currently in its initial growth stage and our consulting team continues to expand at a rapid pace.

- Demandtex Consulting Group only employs top talent in their prospective fields

- All of our current team members possess more than 10 years of software implementation and consulting experience.

  • Trust

    Openness and transparency under all circumstances

    Delivery on commitments

  • ROI

    Good value for investment

    Trusted advisors who put customer’s benefit first

  • Vision

    Long-term thinking

    Focus on win-win solutions

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Demandtex Consulting Group

Openness and transparency in all circumstances.

Long-term thinking and focus on win-win solutions.