Are you getting the best out of your existing forecasting & replenishment systems?

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How do your KPIs compare to the industry standards?

These are some of the questions DemandTEX’s experienced consulting team can help you answer.

With a supply chain health check we can provide an X-Ray analysis of your business and highlight the opportunities to capture to help your business define short, midterm and longer term strategy.
  • A detailed analysis of configuration and design of your existing systems
  • An exploration of pain points and potential remedies that would address them
  • An understanding of the existing levels of forecast accuracy and inventory metrics achieved with respect to industry benchmarks and opportunities to improve
  • A fresh look at the business processes that surround supply chain to achieve better efficiencies
  • A review and analysis of exceptions in your business that should be monitored
  • A recommended action plan with potential benefits that can be achieved from each action.
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