Connected Ops

All phases of the software product development to deliver quality products and solutions.
The System of Systems

ConnectedOps expertise includes information technologies, data management, distributed computing and software engineering.

The System of Systems


United States, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Singapore and Hong Kong


Galleria RTS in 2016, Forecast Solutions in 2018, Zenopt in 2019


Over 900 at 11 countries


2005 in Finland

Customer Obsession

At RELEX, we work from a customer-first mindset. Our track record of 100% successful implementations and 100% customer referenceability is the direct product of our commitment to delivering measurable results.

Retail Expertise

RELEX focuses on retail needs and nothing else. Through this consistent focus, Relex have accumulated great retail expertise within the organization, as well as productized it into our platform through the biggest R&D team in this domain.

Retail Technology

Relex's Living Retail Platform delivers pragmatic AI across all retail functions and at retail scale, enabling autonomous and adaptive planning processes for hundreds of clients each day.

Quick Time to Money

Relex have never failed to deliver on an implementation. Retailers who work with RELEX can bank on a risk-free investment and expect to see a return on that investment in less than nine months.

Other Partners

Relex Solutions

RELEX Solutions helps retailers and consumer goods brands drive profitable growth across all sales and distribution channels by maximizing customer satisfaction and minimizing operative costs in a rapidly changing market.

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Competera enables retailers and brands to increase customer trust by setting and maintaining optimal prices in real-time. Our deep learning algorithms continuously re-calculate billions of possible price combinations ensuring an average gross margin increase by 6%.

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Thought Provoking Consulting

Retail consulting powered by real industry experience, driven by specialist teams and dedicated experts.

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