Rossmann Turkey to Optimize Forecasting and Replenishment with RELEX Solutions 


Existing RELEX customer expands into Turkey for forecasting and replenishment, allocation, integrated supply chain and promotional forecasting capabilities.

Rossmann Turkey, the leading Turkish personal care retailer, has selected RELEX Solutions, a provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions, to optimize their forecasting and replenishment processes across their supply chain. Rossmann Turkey looks to improve promotional product availability and reduce excess stock, and ultimately automate and optimize inventory planning and forecasting from end-to-end. Building on their existing success with RELEX across stores in Europe, Rossmann has opted to extend their collaboration into Turkey.

“Choosing RELEX is a natural extension for us based on the positive experiences and results other Rossmann locations saw using RELEX across Europe,” said Hakan Durmaz, Deputy General Manager at Rossmann Turkey. “We believe RELEX is the ideal partner to optimize our existing processes, giving us more accurate forecasting and inventory management in promotions – both paramount to meeting customer demands effectively.”

This expansion encompasses forecasting, distribution center and store replenishment, allocation, integrated supply chain, and promotional forecasting capabilities from RELEX. The objective is to minimize excess stock, ensure optimal promotional product availability, and achieve key performance indicators such as reduced inventory turnover, improved service levels, and improved forecast accuracy.

By optimizing inventory replenishment processes, Rossmann Turkey aims to strike the balance between product availability and avoiding excess stock, while ensuring that products are strategically positioned across stores, improving shelf availability and customer satisfaction. With an integrated solution across the supply chain network, Rossmann Turkey will streamline operations, and improve agility and responsiveness.

“We’re proud to support yet another RELEX customer with local expertise in Turkey and across Europe, for Rossmann,” said Emre Sener, Founder and CEO, Demandtex. “We look forward to a swift and successful implementation to bring quick time to value to Rossmann Turkey as they look to achieve better availability and more accurate forecasting.”

“The longstanding and successful relationship with the Rossmann team across Europe reflects our commitment to success and driving fast value for our customers,” said Stefano Scandelli, SVP Sales, APAC and EMEA, RELEX Solution. “We look forward to delivering the capabilities Rossmann needs to achieve their goals but also to delivering improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

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